Application development process

For over a decade, DB Best develops world-class applications for our customers. So, we established the application development process that always leads to successful delivery.

Actually, the process of app development is the same for a massive Fortune 500 company and a bright startup. Discover the key stages of this process and see what our team does at these steps.

Your idea

Every application begins with a problem. You see something stressing you out and you think “there should be a better way”. With that in mind, you decide to build your own application that can make the world a better place (or, at least, just that tiny bit easier).

But where do you start? You know nothing about application development, and you’re not sure how the app store works. Here’s where you start hitting the books (or blogs).

Every great app begins with an idea but ends with a product. We are going to tell you what will be happening to your idea on its way to becoming a product if you contact DB Best’s app development team.


Right from the moment, you meet our development team we are into it together. And the first step we will make is going to be hefty technical research. We determine how viable your application is, and help you to decide on a number of questions such as: “Do you want to make it iOS only? Perhaps you find the Google Play Store to be a better option? What about a web-based app?”

Each option has its own individual coding languages that offer benefits and pitfalls. We will have to decide what technologies to include in your product. DB Best’s app development team will help you make a better choice and suggest how to make those technologies compatible with the different platforms. After our final decision, we will begin the process of roadmapping.


When each and every platform, technology, component, and module are listed — we are ready to build a roadmap.

The roadmap lists every single milestone that we will hit when creating an app. Also, the roadmap determines what requirements we need immediately and what we will take care of long-term.


Once we have a ready roadmap, it is high time to concentrate on your future application design. Sketching your app is crucial as it brings you an understanding of how your app will look and feel. Here at DB Best, our designers create an interactive prototype of your application, that you will be able to tap and swipe so you can get an overview of how your app will work before the coding has even started.

By sketching the application at such an early stage, before the actual product development, you will slash your expenses in half as opposed to prototyping in the middle of the development process.


Developers start coding as soon as you approve your future UI/UX. By saying “coding” we mean our development team performs the real rocket science. We melt the frameworks, the hundreds of code lines and third-party libraries, and utilize our best practices to get exactly what you need.

Building the app can take two or three iterations of development, depending on your feedback and suggestions, and once the code work is done, the entire project is ready for testing.


The application should look and behave exactly as you imagined it would behave. Our QA team test the app under different conditions, on dozens of different devices and platforms to make sure that it works appropriately. Because there are so many different smartphones and tablets throughout the world, QA testing can take some time.

We need to make sure that the app performs flawlessly regardless of the device’s screen size, processor power, or how much memory it has. Once the QA testers give the thumbs up; it’s time to release it.


The iOS App Store and Google Play Store are just a few clicks away but there is some work to be done before we excitedly press the launch button.

First, we need to determine what category your app belongs in and write engaging and SEO approved copy for the marketplace. Then we select the best screenshots to show off your app. Once all is done, it is time to deploy that app to the world.

Maintenance and support

As the download rates start to climb you will hear feedback from your first batch of users. Some of it will be glowing, others will be less so. Soon you will want to make changes based on users’ feedback to make your app even better.

App optimization is a crucial part of the application development process. That is why our cooperation with clients doesn’t end when the product is deployed to the app stores. We believe, the best possible scenario is to take a few days off to relax once you launched your app, congratulate yourself, but then wipe the slate clean and get started on version 2.0 of your product.

Development challenges

We would be lying if we said that the application development process is seamless. It never is, because it is impossible to predict which issue will cause the biggest headaches within any particular project.

However, entrusting your project to a company staffed by professional developers with a wide variety of skills, well-honed processes, and experience will ensure that if there are any bumps along the road, they will be smoothed out long before you launch. Building your application with DB Best ensures that you are going to get a transparent process every step of the way, long after your app starts to show a profit.

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