The essential principles of the application UI/UX

The essential principles of the application UI/UX

UI and UX is the crucial consideration when designing any application, as it is in charge of how the users feel about your app usability and design. Whenever you open an application, be it your banking app, Twitter, or Facebook, both the user interface and every single interaction you were thoughtfully considered.



    When startups begin to build their product they often focus on creating an app with a wide range of features that can distinguish it from the competition. They throw all their funds into coding and marketing and wait for the miracle that never comes.

    Nevertheless, design matters, and neglecting it is also one of the most costly mistakes that a startup can make. The users of your application may never mention its good UI/UX design because the purpose of a good design is that it is invisible.


    However, if they hate it you’ll hear about it just before they delete your app. Just keep in mind, the way your users feel about the product guarantees will they be back to your application or will they abandon it forever.

    Enjoyable UX is never added randomly or created as an afterthought once the code work is done. Awesome UX is a key feature of any app and should be considered one of its most important features.

UI/UX development

Essentials of the UI/UX development

UI/UX development

Essentials of the UI/UX development

We are always searching for the magic pill that cures all ailments, and for some kind of a checklist that, with each tick of the box, gets you closer and closer to making your dream a reality. In the case of the startup, this need becomes even more desperate.

Developing the UI/UX design for your startup’s application from scratch is no easy task, but the best thing you can do as a businessperson is to trust your design team and delegate the process. There are a few golden rules when designing your UI/UX and as the leader of a team, you need to take them to heart.

We won’t be surprising any of you if we stress the importance of taking on the mind of your customers when storyboarding your design. However, here is our strategy on how to design a mindful user experience for your startup, as told by our designers who have worked on countless DB Best projects.

  • Be mindful
    about your users

    You must have a clear picture of your audience before you create an app. Live your users’ lives, understand their pain points, and find where you fit in. The best design and user experience solutions come from their lifestyles and the circumstances in which they’ll use the application.

    Make their experience using your app pleasant and they will love you. Create a seamless flow instead of making them think over every step and they will stay with you forever.

    • Your content must always come first
    • The interface should be simple and clear
    • The navigation must be intuitive
    • The style must be uniform
  • Elaborate
    a nice brief

    A brief is a statement that defines the aspects of design that will serve as a guide for further work. Besides that, it is the entrepreneur’s best contribution to the process of UI/UX development.

    Think of the briefing stage as of developing a strategical plan before achieving a huge goal. Of course, it’s always better to know what you should be ready to talk about, so here is a prompts list.

    • Bring your logo and brand colors
    • Tell us about the application purposes
    • Describe your target audience
    • Tell us what you know about your competitors
  • Collaborate with
    your design team

    If you ask designers, they’ll tell you that 80% of a great result is effective communication. Designers not only think about what’s on the screen but also about the incredible amount of ways users can interact with what’s on it.

    Besides that (surprise – surprise), they know everything about the modern tools and techniques and have the vision of how to turn your idea into a reality.

    The key point here is the more you relay your initial idea to assistants, managers, and consultants the more garbled version the designer will hear as a result.Remove as many barriers as possible between yourself and the designer so you can convey your vision of the app.
  • / 01 01 / end users
  • / 02 02 / just brief it
  • / 03 03 / work together


DB Best has launched over 200 startup projects. The one thing that we have learned is that your application’s success depends just as much on your UI/UX as it does on anything else. UI/UX is a core part of a multi-stage development strategy where each element is equally important.

We will work with you through every stage of the development process from the minimum viable product to the Big Market and we look forward to creating a product that both you, and your users, will love.

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After a short meeting, you’ll soon have the blueprints for your
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